Erotica/Comedy Short Story Contest WINNERS!!

The moment each of you has been waiting for is here! My fabulous judges, George Pappas and Eden Baylee have finished their review and the results are in!

For those of you not familiar with this contest, entrants were asked to write a story that incorporated both erotica and comedy. We received 15 AMAZING stories from some very talented authors. George and Eden then had the fun task of judging their stories. The stories were judged blind, so our judges will be learning of the winners today for the first time!

Okay….are you ready? HERE WE GO!

Our second place, runner-up is . . . .

The very lovely Tracy Tidswell and her story, Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now. Tracy will be receiving a $25 Amazon gift card..woot woot! You can read her story on the Erotica/Comedy Short Story Contest Page.

Here is what our Judges said about Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now:

Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now. . . “, the contest’s runner up entry, cleverly explores a woman’s experience with the awkward and frustrating nature of phone sex even down to her rehearsing naughty words so they don’t sound so alien coming out of her mouth. The writer humorously conveys the true disconnect that takes place between the story’s protagonist Emma and her phone lover, who barely notices her arousal, and completely misses her orgasmic phone sex breakthrough setting up the story’s hilarious ending. That scene — juxtaposing the internal dialogue in Emma’s mind with her actual phone sex conversation — perfectly portrays the downsides and ultimately folly of sex over the phone. As someone who is not a huge fan of phone sex in real life, and has written about it in my novel “Monogamy Sucks,” I could appreciate the difficulties of pulling off such a scene. The writer does this with honest writing concerning Emma’s nervous difficulties with the whole notion of phone sex and a wonderfully humorous and ironic ending. It is the kind of story I would have felt proud to have written.

-George Pappas

Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now . . .”  is the tale of a single woman’s virgin encounter with phone sex. What I love about this story is its simplicity.  I empathized with Emma’s nervous foray into a sexual practice that seems benign on the surface, and yet, has some very strange twists to it. Her neurotic internal thoughts are laugh-out-loud funny, and the erotic nature of the story is something most women will love and can relate to—most

men will as well!  A truly enjoyable tale.

-Eden Baylee




A BIG CONGRAULTIONS goes to MAXWELL CYNN and his WINNING ENTRY, Fantasy Writer, A Comedy.

Max will be receiving a brand-spanking new KINDLE with the ebooks of our two fine judges, Fall into Winter, by Eden Baylee, and Monogamy Sucks, by George Pappas! You can read his story on the Erotica/Comedy Short Story Contest Page.

Here is what our judges had to say about Fantasy Writer, a Comedy:

Fantasy Writer — A Comedy” best captured the spirit of L.M. Stull’s contest in delivering a humorous, but hot and erotic tale, and is most deserved as the winning entry. The protagonist Henry’s journey borders on the farcical at times as his “recording angel” Nadine tries to shake up his boring existence with a number of intriguing and sexy escapades any writer would feel lucky enough to encounter. The story’s funny situations and characters are deftly employed to enhance the well-written erotic scenes, which do not disappoint in either their explicit content or imaginative description. The story is ultimately brought to a clever and arousing conclusion that leaves the reader wanting to experience more of Henry’s tales. Combining humor and sex in a stimulating fashion that elicits equal amounts of laughter and desire is always tricky task for a writer, but this one has pulled off in an impressive fashion.

-George Pappas

“Fantasy Writer –  A Comedy” is a  quick paced story about a writer named Henry who finds himself in some of the most hysterical situations any writer could possibly hope for. All this is brought about by the powers of his “recording angel,” Nadine.

I was immediately drawn into the clever plot. At times, I snickered at the author’s understated humor. At other times, I laughed aloud with the comical absurdity Henry found himself in.  Each character, including the minor ones, is wonderfully likeable, and is written with the colorful imagination of a writer who knows how to entice readers with seductive storytelling.

As for the erotic component … Wow! The sex scenes are extremely well-written and intensify at a perfect pace. Most importantly, they are hot—scorching hot!

It’s no surprise that George and I unanimously chose “Fantasy Writer –  A Comedy” as the winning entry.

-Eden Baylee

Again, congratulations to each of our talented winners and a THANK YOU to everyone who entered, you were all winners in my book!

Thanks to Eden and George for taking time our of their busy days to judge my contest. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know them, please do, it won’t be a waste of your time:

A little bit about our judges:


Eden writes erotica, provocative stories incorporating all her favorite things: travel; culture; and sex. Sometimes there’s romance, sometimes not. Sometimes there’s a happy ending, sometimes not. What is consistent are the multi-dimensional characters who grow and change as the stories progress. Sex is the backdrop, but a very important element in their evolution.
She is the first-time published author of Fall into Winter—a book of contemporary erotica written as four novellas. The themes include: younger man, older woman; ménage à trois; past lovers; and second chance at love.
Eden lives in Toronto, Canada with her extremely good-natured and tolerant husband whom she sometimes refers to as “Ramone.”

Follow her on Twitter and connect with her on her website.

George Pappas is a Los Angeles-based novelist, blogger, poet and lyricist. Lazy Day Publishing released his second novel of erotic fiction Monogamy Sucks as an e-book in December 2010. Pappas launched the first six chapters of his novel on his blog in summer 2010 after more than 12 years of writing and researching his work. His novel explores intriguing notions about monogamy, relationships, casual sex and the world of swinging.

Pappas is a lifelong resident of southern California and has been writing fiction since he was 15. When he’s not writing, Pappas enjoys traveling, music, reading his favorite novelists Henry Miller and Anais Nin, watching films, exploring life’s many adventures and pleasures, and living near the ocean.

Follow him on Twitter and connect with him on his website.

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3 thoughts on “Erotica/Comedy Short Story Contest WINNERS!!

  1. I am so honored, and you guys were too kind in your review of my story. Thank you both, and thank you Lisa for the contest. Writing a funny, erotic short was difficult and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Thanks again. Hugs and kisses, even to George.



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