So, You Want to Write Fantasy – CONTEST OPEN!!

Alright, I am totally expecting y’all to force me into an “Addicted to Contests” 12-step program, but until you do, here is the latest and greatest one I am proud to host.

At the beginning of March, I introduced you to a series of articles on “Creating a Magic System” written by my ridiculously talented friend, James Tallett.  This past week James posted the last of the articles in this series.

Do you know what that means??????????


I know, it really is very exciting, isn’t it?

Now, for details on the submissions please hop on over to James’ blog post.  

You will have from May 1 – May 31 to submit entries to yours truly ~> 

The entries will be blinded and forwarded on to our judges, James Tallett and Amy Rose Davis.

A little bit about our judges:

James Tallett is the author of a seven book series of fantasy novels set in The Four Part Land, the first of which will be published in 2011 by Deepwood Publishing. In addition to his novel writing, he keeps up a steady stream of short stories and flash fiction, much of which can be found online. Aside from writing, he can be found on ski slopes across the world.  You can also catch up with James on his WebsiteTwitterFacebook and Goodreads.

Amy Rose Davis is an independent epic fantasy author. She lives with her husband, Bryce, and four children in Oregon. She likes coffee, chocolate, bean burritos, margaritas, whiskey, dogs, cats, the color green, new pencils, her girlfriends, and the music of Celtic Thunder, Third Day, and Alison Krauss. She is as likely to watch “300” as “Becoming Jane.”  You can also catch up with Amy on her BlogTwitterFacebook and Website.

At this point I am sure I know what you are looking for: THE PRIZES!!

The winning entry will receive a $50 gift card to Amazon.  Second place will receive a $25 gift card. #yeababy

NOW hop on over to James’ blog, read up on the submission guidelines and write, Write, WRITE!!

Good luck everyone!

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3 thoughts on “So, You Want to Write Fantasy – CONTEST OPEN!!

  1. Lisa, great contest! I’m not much of a fantasy writer, but I’ll make an entry. However, it’s so short, I’ll enter it here, and hope you will forward it on. The entry is as follows:

    Looking aghast, Bruce Ironwood slowly exahaled his last breath, frozen like an iceberg as his eyes remained bulging at the worm-like craft swarming all about him, rapidly landing.

    “Why does the world have to end now?!” was his last troubling sentiment to himself as a mass of gruesome worm creatures from hell were almost upon him, their horrid, dagger-like teeth ready to slice him apart.

    You see, Bruce was just about to have his first passion driven novel published by Galaxy Press, leaving him sickened over all the new and many would-be good writing friends he would never be able to meet in cyber space, especially if he were on Facebook.

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