Writing Prompt #17 – The End of the Road

There’s nothing to be heard except for the soft thud of my sneakers against the metal floor. The crisp winter air nips at my skin, causing me to wrap my arms tightly around my body. I continue toward the light. I have no idea where I am, but I’m thankful I’m not still where I’d been. I’m nearing the end of the tunnel. Finally. And I see something up ahead. A sign, maybe? I trip and nearly fall, but catch myself in time. I’m close enough now. “Gravel Ends,” it reads. Great. The end of another road. I guess a small part of me hoped the sign would say “New Beginning.” I shrug my shoulders and step out from the metal enclosure…

Now, it’s your turn! As always, if this prompt leads to a story, do come back and share a link with us.

Happy Writing!

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