Writing Prompt #18 ~ Carve Me?!

For this week’s prompt, and in celebration of Halloween, write a story about pumpkin carving from the point of view of the pumpkin!

As always, if this prompt leads to a story, do come back and share a link with us.

Happy Writing!

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3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #18 ~ Carve Me?!

  1. The summer had been hot and long as I grew from youth resting on a bed of straw. Nourishment was pumped through the top of my head from “Mother”, the vine of life and was warmed by the burning sky. My body burst with pressure in the in the dawn of myself and I could not help but to grow. What was within shown as a great mass for those looking from the outside. Soon I was well above the straw and weed of the field and cool evening breezes comforted my silent existence during the night. I was and am, though without sight or knowledge, I exist.
    All types of life came near to me in those unspoken, unthinking days. The hare and the mouse of the field found shelter in my shade. The crow cackled and cawed overhead as humans walked around me. Deer ate of Mothers leaves in the still dawn. I, was a witness yet never a participant to all of it. Perhaps, I noticed more than they in my silence though not of thought or mind?
    Mother withered as I grew. The air cooled and change was quickly coming to my world. Her nourishing vine lay limp on my body as the leaves strangely rustled in the trees. My green skin turned orange and shown with light all around me. Though without thought a feeling of wonder filled me. Do I have thought?
    A dawn of a new day came as they always do yet this one covered me white and cold. Can I feel? Strong hands ripped me from the ground suddenly. Crash, Plomp! I felt my brothers and sisters next to me, even touching my skin. We were no longer alone, yet as one. Dust from a long road to somewhere other than my field of youth covered me and made me want to be in the clean straw covered patch of my childhood again. This would not be, now or ever again. My cut stem sweated with fear. I had an emotion, I can think, I am alive!
    The hands of a child rubbed me gently. “I want this one.” Hands lifted me again. After a rest I felt the cold of hard stone under me. Could this be the autumn field again? Suddenly a hole was cut in my head and my children were aborted from my womb. Summer light poured into me and I could see for the first time in my life. Another hole was cut from my flesh and my new eyes could see even more. I am truly alive! A mouth was cut next and though so softly the humans couldn’t hear I spoke. “I am alive.”
    A strange evening filled the air. I was placed outside, back to a bed of straw. though not the field of my youth the autumn breeze cooled my body again. it felt good and strangely I felt as if my body burst with light from deep within.
    A little girl walked past dressed like an angel and looking fearfully all around her. This was a night of mystery to the human realm and she was afraid. I made the light inside of me wink and flicker so she would see me more closely then I spoke. “Have nothing to fear little one. This is only one night of many in your life and you will grow to be strong and brave. She smiled and pointed to me but her mother paid no attention. She knew that fear was nothing to fear and that was good enough for me.
    As my light burns slowly to a dim glow I will rest in peace because I once lived if only for a time.

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