Book Review ~ Poised for Success by Jacqueline Whitmore

Are you Poised for Success?

I had the pleasure of reading Jacqueline Whitmore’s latest book, Poised for Success.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers

Poised for Success is broken out into four parts: Presence, Polish, Professionalism, and Passion. Jacqueline believes that when mixed together, these are the ingredients that make a successful professional.

… the ones that get ahead are often those who are able to muster enough courage to take risks and connect from the heart.

In her latest release, Jacqueline takes our hand and guides us through the maze of the business world. If you think your looks, your voice, and the manner in which you communicate make no difference in where you will end up in life… think again.

This isn’t a preachy manual. This is a book that sheds light on how we are perceived by others no matter what industry we work in. A book that will become your friend. A book that I believe should be a required part of any business ensemble.

Presence isn’t something you put on in the morning and take off in the evening; it’s a part of your essence.

Jacqueline helps us examine our appearance, the way we sound, the way we will ultimately market ourselves to the world. She teaches us to communicate from the “outside in.” Helps us form, maintain, and grow professional relationships.

Rise and Shine: you’ll be impressed with the results, because others will be impressed with you.

But this book is more than just undeniably helpful tips. Weaved into the advice, are glimpses into the life of a woman who made herself what she is today – a success. Jacqueline shares personal stories from her life. Stories that show how she has put the knowledge gained over her lifetime to use.

In short, Poised for Success has become my everyday reference guide; the guide that will help me traverse the often daunting road of business, leading me toward my own personal success.

Poised for Success is now available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

JACQUELINE WHITMORE is an internationally recognized etiquette expert and the founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach. Her extensive client base includes the U.S. Department of Defense, Booz Allen Hamilton, Office Depot, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Deloitte, Merrill Lynch, Ernst & Young, Bloomingdale’s, Sprint, and Burger King Corporation, among others.

Jacqueline is a popular guest on radio and television and her etiquette advice has appeared in The New York TimesUSA TodayThe Wall Street JournalGlamour, CosmopolitanMarie ClaireReal SimpleFortune, and O: The Oprah Magazine. For more information, visit her website, her blog, and follow her on twitter. Jacqueline and her husband, Brian Gleason, live in Florida.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review ~ Poised for Success by Jacqueline Whitmore

  1. Presence, Polish, Professionalism, and Passion only works if you have the brains to go along with it. Although being polished is an important component for success, there are many that are poised and polished that do not have the brains to maintain their success or grow beyond it to a higher level of success. For instance, they may get a great job, but they will be treading water to keep it. If they are fortunate and network well, they will find many who help them secretly, giving others the impression that they have what it takes. However, they themselves know that they are faking it, and eventually, others catch on, as well. If we all think back over our careers, we can think of at least one person we know that fits this description.

    Saying this, I think Ms. Whitmore’s book is geared toward those that have the foundation already built, i.e., brains, education in one’s chosen profession, and the determination to continue to grow and learn throughout one’s entire career. The tools Ms. Whitmore provides enhance one’s ability to succeed when the foundation is already there.

  2. I think Poised for Success is more geared towards attitude, than intellectualism. Especially when you apply it to a field such as writing. There are many writers who are excellent people, but aren’t necessarily brilliant. Not saying that writers are dumb (says the blonde girl writing this) but we aren’t all rocket scientists. It’s just a matter of realizing that you are in effect branding yourself when you put yourself out there. You’re not simply selling your book, you are selling yourself. And the better the presentation, the higher the chances people will like and respect that. Who would you rather buy a car from – the slouchy, grumpy guy wearing torn jeans and a scowl, or the man with a nicely pressed set of clothes, standing tall and wearing a smile (even if it’s fake, I mean come on, this is a car salesman)?

    Poised for Success sounds like a great mental aid for making sure that your best self is being put out there.

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