WINNERS of the 2012 M.R. Mathias Dragon Poetry Contest!!!

Over the past two weeks, I have had the pleasure of reading all of the fantastic submissions for the 2012 Dragon Poetry Contest.  A special thanks to M.R. Mathias for letting me host this wonderful event again this year.

Now for the the moment you have been waiting for . . .

With a poem titled The Death of Erasmus Stone, R. J. Spindle claimed 3rd Place!!! Congrats, R.J!!

And our very talented runner-up, with a poem titled The Ashlands, is Nick Palmer!! Great job, Nick!!

I’ll pause so you can stand and clap.

And our WINNER, with a poem titled Cinders, is Peter Wilkin!!!!

Congrats of to each of these very talented writers, and a thank you to all the other writers for their wonderful submissions.  M.R. Mathias will be publishing an anthology featuring all poems.  Details to follow.

Check back this Sunday for a posting featuring the winners’ poems!

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15 thoughts on “WINNERS of the 2012 M.R. Mathias Dragon Poetry Contest!!!

  1. I really enjoyed writing for this competition and Peter’s wonderful poem ‘Cinders’ is a very worthy winner!! Really look forward to the anthology…thank you! :)

  2. I know Peter, and always felt “Cinders” is one of his best efforts. Congrads to him, and to you for recognizing that. :))

  3. Sincere thanks to you & MR Mathias for running this poetry competition & for selecting my poem ‘Cinders’ as the winner. I am very excited about winning &, also, very humbled that my poem has been chosen. I know a number of people who also entered the competition & they really are incredibly talented poets. Really looking forward to the anthology &, once again, thank you for choosing ‘Cinders’.

  4. Congratulations! Is there a way to see the other submissions as of yet? I know the anthology probably isn’t up yet.

  5. Congratulations to Peter! I’m a little surprised we (Rhiannon and I) placed 3rd! We were writing down to the wire. Thank you so much for the competition. I love having challenges in writing, and this certainly was one! I can’t wait until NEXT time. :)

    • Hi Genora! Thanks for stopping by! :) I’m a little behind with posting this week. Should have the winners’ poems up this weekend :) The anthology will be out in a few months and we will do a post once it is live :) :)

  6. Talk about belated responses, Peter. So immersed in other worldly stuff, this passed me by! Very well done to you, my friend. Always felt that it was a striking poem with such magnificent imagery. You so deserve this accolade.

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