I’m Home

I let my lips fall downward
Into that nearly straight line they are used to
I let my chin fall into my chest
And hang low like it wants to
I shove my hands deep within my pockets
And my feet shuffle across the ground
I feel him tugging at me
Like he always does
And for a few moments I ignore him
Pretend I don’t need him
But who am I kidding
Finally, I give in
And let the ground open beneath me
My heart, my soul, everything, sliding
Into a depth I’ve yet to experience
He swallows me whole
And I realize
In this awkward silence
And in this lonely darkness
I am comfortable
Where I belong
Opening my arms
I welcome sadness into them
Cradling him, he looks at me
And whispers, “Welcome home”
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11 thoughts on “I’m Home

    • It was, unfortunately, based on a truth I experienced in my past. But, happily, not a truth for me today :) Thank you for your kind comment, Alex!!

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