Book Review of The Last Dance by Wyatt McIntyre

James Mueller has spent a lifetime of devotion to his wife Alejandra, and now as her life draws to a close, he looks back to the beginning when it seemed that time and fate conspired to keep them apart. 

A story that ends even as it begins, The Last Dance tells of two souls meant to be together but torn apart by war, misunderstandings and hurt. Bittersweet and deeply romantic, it moves through the significant moments in the lives of these two star-crossed lovers, raising the question not of if but how James and Alejandra will ever find their way back to each other and the love they were destined to share.

From a chance meeting to a look and a touch, to the promises made and the disappointment found, The Last Dance is a story of loss, longing, hope and faith, as James and Alejandra are forced to examine who they are and what they really need if they are ever to turn their fairy-tale romance into a lifelong love.


McIntyre has produced a lyrical masterpiece with The Last Dance, a novel which follows the story of James and Alejandra as they traverse the often daunting road of love.

In its opening pages, The Last Dance reveals to its readers the ending. And you would think knowing this – where our James and Alejandra end up – would spoil their tale. When in fact, it does anything but. The finality of their story is so captivating, so heart wrenching, and so emotional, that it grabs us. Speaks to us in the most special of places deep within our heart, our soul, and makes us want to join them. To see how they got there. For their story is not a fairytale or fantastical in any way. It is real. And it is what all of us wish and dream and hope for each and every day.

Told at varying points in their lives, McIntyre feeds us little morsels of their journey. Satiating our hunger for more just enough to keep us turning. Keep us begging. The words which fill this novel are eloquent and roll off the page with a stunning ease.

Just as is the case in real life, love doesn’t come easy, nor at the moment or way we expect it. But in their tale, we are reminded of what makes love and life and everything in-between possible: hope and faith. It is a reminder that happiness awaits each of us if we fight hard enough and, most importantly, never stop believing.

It is quite symbolic that the author chose this title – The Last Dance – as it reads as one long, beautiful, and soulful song. It is as if we see James and Alejandra dancing, swaying gracefully to the heartbeat of their story.

In a sea of familiar, it is hard to find novels which stand out. The Last Dance, while filled with emotions and fears and characters which all evoke a palpable familiarity in its readers, is anything but familiar in a literary sense. It is anything but “just good.” The Last Dance is a story for all ages. For anyone who has hoped and dreamt, loved and lost, and ultimately lived to try it all again. It is a story written to and for and about each of us.

McIntyre has done a beyond superb job and should know he has gained a fan for life in me.

Curl up in a comfy chair, grab a box of tissues, open your heart, and let the beautiful words of The Last Dance seep in.

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Born in Valleyview Alberta and currently residing in Woodridge Illinois, as an amateur woodworker, Wyatt McIntyre sees crafting a story in the same way he carves. Starting with a blank and rough surface, each word, each sentence and line is meant to express a vision that slowly turns the original material into a finished work of beauty. Along with The Last Dance, his first novel, Wyatt is also the author of the theological work, Coping Through Christianity: Strengthening the Wounded Heart and Broken Spirit through God’s Love.

Connect with Wyatt on his website, Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.

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