A Guest Post by Author Stephen Fauldsis ~ On Inspiration

There have been a lot of books written about the creative process. Where does inspiration come from? I am often surprised by what I write. I can recognize ideas that originate in my memory, my experience, my learning, my imagination and my thinking process but the way a story unfolds is beyond my control. It seems to flow from some hidden source. Things I know from experience are blended with things I know secondhand to create a reality that lives only in my imagination. My characters often begin with people I know but usually evolve very quickly into people I have never met. Scenarios from my life, morph into stories that have a life of their own. When I redraft and rewrite it always seems like someone else’s story, not my own. Publishing the finished product is an act of faith because I am not sure what my stories actually represent. They have demanded to be written and I believe in them like second cousins. They are blood relative to me but not of my flesh. The range of genres I have written – from conventional fiction and satire to science fiction and fantasy suggests to me that I have been looking through windows into several other minds. I am never sure what I will see next.

Stephen Fauldsis an English teacher who has written nine novels, five of them published at amazon and smashwords. His play Seatown was performed at The Blue Room theatre in 2007 and has been published by The Australian Script Centre. His web sites feature his writing, photography and artwork.

Connect with Stephen on his website websiteblog, and follow him on Twitter.

His books are available on Amazon and Smashwords

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2 thoughts on “A Guest Post by Author Stephen Fauldsis ~ On Inspiration

  1. I think story ideas are akin to an alchemist mixing and stirring our ideas in the mind and the concoction doesn’t settle until well into the story.

    That someone elses story(feeling) you wrote about doesn’t happen to me until the book is published and I sit down to read as a reader. I’m amazed that they are my words.

    I’m glad to see there are other genre changing authors out there. It gives me hope, ha!

    Great post, Stephen.

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