Happy New Year, Updates, and a Free Book!

Happy New Year! I figured it was a good time to update all you lovelies on what exactly my craziness has been up to, as well as what you can expect to (hopefully!) see from me this year.WP_20140105_003

As many of you know, my educational pursuits took a good chunk of my free time (as well as my sleeping time) this past year.  Because of that, my muse became very irritated, packed her bags, and the bitch headed to Ireland, refusing to come back until I’d learned to manage my schedule a little better.

I basically just about burned myself out trying to juggle 886 things at once and last fall stepped back from everything for a few months to regroup, relax, learn to live a little, date some (oh my… the stories!), and contemplate where I was with life and where I’d like to go.

School starts up again next week, but this time, I’m taking a much more rational approach to the amount of coursework I’m taking on.  I’ve devised a writing plan to make sure my creativity does not suffer from my studies, and, most importantly, I’ve joined a few social groups to make sure I remember to, you know, stop and smell the roses too.


I’m happy to report, Samantha (my muse), returned home just before the Holidays, and BOY has she been keeping me busy!!  I’m currently in the process of rewriting and editing Ugly Beautiful, which I hope to have out by this summer, as well as toggling back and forth between two WIPs, Shit You Need to Read, which is a comedy about an unemployed, nearly middle-aged writer who struggles to find his way, and Where the Sidewalk Ends, a novel inspired by my very own boss, which follows the story of a successful lawyer who learns what it’s like to say goodbye to a 35-year career and hello to the last quarter of his life.

I am also working on FINALLY catching up on some reading and reviews that I owe so, so, so many wonderful writers who shared their magnificent words with me.


In celebration of this New Year, my anthology of short fiction and poetry is ON SALE for FREEEEEE until this Saturday.  You can snag your copy here.

What are your plans for 2014?

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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Updates, and a Free Book!

  1. Aw, Lisa, you’re so adorable. I know exactly what you mean about temperamental muses. I had the intention to get my novel out by year-end 2013, but it did not happen, and so it’s coming out this year. I can’t rush it, but it’s close to complete, and I’m better for not pushing it through just to meet a self-imposed deadline.

    Life can get in the way of writing, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because … life goes on and we must go along with it.

    Wishing you, your muse, and all you love the best for 2014. I hope it’s a wonderful and creative one.


    • Hi Eden!! Oh how I’ve missed chatting with you! We really are at the mercy of our muses. And I try to tell myself to relax and enjoy the “dry creative spells,” but life somehow doesn’t feel complete when I’m not scribbling.

      I can’t wait for your next book. I agree it is better not to rush things. I would have liked to have Ugly Beautiful out by March, but not happening. It’s a process and one that should go at it’s own pace.

      I hope 2014 brings me up your way so I can see some of Canada and see you, my dear friend.

      Best wishes and much love and success to you and yours, Eden.



  2. L. M., as always, I so enjoy your comments and work, and wish you the best with your continued success. You’re a steady, shining star in the heavens.

    And being so, if you find the time, please visit the engaging and amusing narrative at my site, http://geraldggriffin.blogspot.com and, like I’ve done here, leave a comment. You’ve been so helpful to me in the past, tremendously appreciated.

    Gerald G. Griffin

    • Gerald! Happy New Year! Aww thank you so very much for your truly kind comment :) It’s been my pleasure to share your work. I will most definitely stroll over to your fabulous site and say hello.

      Thank YOU for all your support. Hope this year is all that you wish it to be and that much more!


  3. Great to hear that you are getting things organized. Never forget that you are number one, and need to keep some time for the things you enjoy.

    My plans for the year are writing and more writing. I want to write two full novels, and publish four. (One is already set for release and the other is in edits, and should be done by the end of the month).

    I also hope to travel a little more for the day job. Off to California soon (19th Jan) for two weeks and hopefully will get to visit a few more places as the year progresses.

    Great to see another post from you Lisa. All the best for 2014.

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