Happy Birthday to a Very Special Lady

Today is a special day. Not because it’s the end of the week (which, very sadly, it is not).  Rather, today is a special day because it is the birthday of a very special lady.

And who is this special lady?

Buddy’s mom :)

How could I not consider this day (and her) one of the most very special things to exist in this life? After all, it is because of her, her life, her love, that Buddy not only exists, but turned into the amazing and wonderful man that he is. And because of Buddy, as you all know, my soul, my heart, my life… it is complete.

While life and our own individuality, of course, helps to shape us into who we are, our personalities are also the byproduct of the people who surround us, the people we’ve looked up to, the people we’ve modeled ourselves after. Buddy is a living, breathing testament to how remarkable his parents are.

I’m grateful to have not only fallen in love with this most incredible man, but to have been so warmly, so openly, welcomed (and loved) by this most incredible family.

Credit:  Joeff Davis Wrights Gourmet Shop  Chocolate CakeSo join me in a virtual celebration to honor a lovely woman, a caring mother, and wonderful friend on her very special day.

Happy Birthday, Buddy’s mom, and many, many more! Thank you for all you’ve done, all you do, and everything to come. I wish for you, over this next year, nothing but endless amounts of love, success, and utter happiness.

We love and appreciate you!

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