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I think the draw to A Thirty-Something Girl–beyond Ms. Stull’s fantastic writing–is the ‘realness’ of the characters and story. This is not to say it’s everyday or forgettable, nothing like that; rather, it offers an unflinching look at the trials, tribulations and, most importantly, triumphs of adulthood through a character, Hope, that is relatable. That we instantly connect with. That we root for. And this is a testament more than anything to Ms. Stull’s storytelling ability, keeping us hooked from page one.” ~ Robert James Russell, Author of Sea of Trees

“L.M. Stull, in her debut novel, A Thirty-Something Girl, has penned a literary classic. Strong words for what could be called a Chick-Lit Romance, but true none-the-less. The realistic emotion portrayed throughout creates more of a personal essay / memoir feel than fiction. The characters are as Hemingway demanded “more real than real.” I was immediately drawn into the life of Hope, a woman trying to survive turning thirty as her life implodes. This novel could well be used as a textbook of well written prose. If you are a writer, in any genre, read it. This is how it is done” ~ Maxwell Cynn, Author of CybrGrrl

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“L.M. Stull has a knack for conveying raw emotions into elegant prose. This collection of short stories and poems will enlighten and frighten you to feel all the sensations life has to offer; pain, joy and everything in between” ~Jennifer L. Jennings

“L.M. Stull includes a quote from Hemingway at the beginning of this book: “In order to write about life, first you must live it.” After reading “Contemplations,” it is easy to see that L.M. Stull has met Hemingway’s requirement for writing about life” ~ Tom Fowler