A Thirty-Something Girl

Life has been anything but kind, and everything that can go wrong has. At an age when life should be coming together, and questions should start to be answered, Hope finds herself feeling very alone and terribly confused. As her life spirals out of control, she realizes she needs help. And she needs it quickly.

With the love and support of some dear friends, Hope slowly begins to find her true self, and along the way, she meets someone. Someone who makes her feel like living to see another day might just be worth it.

But with happiness, comes pain. Pain from a past that simply won’t be forgotten. Walking a dangerously fine line between joy and utter despair, Hope wonders if happy endings really do exist. And if they do, is there one waiting for her?

A Thirty-Something Girl is a Grub Street Reads Endorsed book.

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Read reviews by Maxwell Cynn and Nicole Williams.

Praise for A Thirty-Something Girl:

I think the draw to A Thirty-Something Girl–beyond Ms. Stull’s fantastic writing–is the ‘realness’ of the characters and story. This is not to say it’s everyday or forgettable, nothing like that; rather, it offers an unflinching look at the trials, tribulations and, most importantly, triumphs of adulthood through a character, Hope, that is relatable. That we instantly connect with. That we root for. And this is a testament more than anything to Ms. Stull’s storytelling ability, keeping us hooked from page one. ~ Robert James Russell, Author of Sea of Trees

L.M. Stull, in her debut novel, A Thirty-Something Girl, has penned a literary classic. Strong words for what could be called a Chick-Lit Romance, but true none-the-less. The realistic emotion portrayed throughout creates more of a personal essay / memoir feel than fiction. The characters are as Hemingway demanded “more real than real.” I was immediately drawn into the life of Hope, a woman trying to survive turning thirty as her life implodes. This novel could well be used as a textbook of well written prose. If you are a writer, in any genre, read it. This is how it is done.~ Maxwell Cynn, Author of CybrGrrl

L.M. Stull proves herself to be an amazing writer and story-teller in this gem of a novel. Heartbreaking and heartwarming, Hope’s journey becomes all of our journey and takes the reader through all the highs and lows of life. The best part of this book for me was the relationships between Hope and her friends, and the tenderness with which her new love blossoms. Stull has found her voice in this debut novel and I can’t wait to read more from her. ~Kimberly Kinrade, Author of Forbidden Mind

It’s an eloquently written story that reveals so many truths to real life and real people. One of the best romance stories I’ve read in a long time… ~ Amazon Customer

A Thirty-Something Girl, is beautifully written, with words that make you seem as if you are with the characters. Every word described makes you feel as if you are watching a movie instead of reading. The world is beautifully thought up; so realistic that it does take a moment to put down and do something else. I give A Thirty-Something Girl a complete five stars.  ~ Nicole Williams

For a debut A Thirty Something Girl has some very heartfelt and true situations that are well written. ~ Jack N.