Where did we go Wrong?

tragedyEverything that’s been going on in the world has left me breathless. And not in a good way. In a profoundly sad way.

It’s too easy to always point blame. To isolate ourselves from those who do horrific things. To me, it seems too easy to keep saying that’s just the way some people are, there will always be “crazy” people, those kinds of people will always be at war with each other. And maybe those are the reasons. But in my heart of hearts I feel that it’s only true in a very rare and obscure sense. That maybe these tragedies that are spreading like a rabid disease will kill us because we refuse to look at the true cause. Because we refuse to change.

And it’s not just a select group of people or a select place in the world, far away, where this happens. In some ways, we’ve been blind to see that this sadness, this evil, it’s happening all the time. I read an article in the New York Times that said mass shootings actually happen on a daily basis in U.S.

Where did we go wrong?

Perhaps this is just me trying to reconcile myself with it all. Because blaming everything on terrorism and mental illness seems more scary to me than admitting maybe humanity as a whole has failed itself. Over and over again. What if the way we, collectively, treat others is the root cause of all evil which exists in the world?

To me that idea, as horrific as it may make your heart and your soul feel. It gives me hope. In this scenario, there ibw-tokyo-hugs something we can do. If we all loved one another more. Were more kind. More accepting. More grateful. More peaceful. Would that make a difference? Could we, together, change the seemingly inevitable disastrous fate of mankind?

Maybe not. But it couldn’t hurt, right?

It seems these tragic situations only bring us together temporarily. And then the hours slip by and transform into days, months, years. And while we don’t forget, we don’t let it affect us in the same, good ways it did when the tragedy first happened. We become complacent and go about our lives. Worrying about nothing more. Than ourselves.

And sure, on those few designated days during the year, we’re grateful and we show love to the ones who matter in our lives. But then time rolls by again. Rinse. Repeat.

It seems that evil wins over and over again. Tragedy causes us to point fingers and then blame anyone or anything that seems remotely connected. And those sharp fingers draw lines between us and them. Causing not more unity but separation. Segregation.

stereotypeIf you have brown skin that must mean you blow people up or sneak across borders to steal. If you have black skin that must mean you shoot and stab and rob. If you have white skin that must mean you embezzle and hate the brown and the black.

The Catholics hate the Buddhists. The left hates the right.

What if we replaced the word “hate” with “love”?

How is it that we’ve come so far in this world and yet made no progress at all?

Where did we go wrong?

In some ways, I wish everyone was blind. That maybe if we couldn’t see, we wouldn’t judge as much.

I wish everyone would stop calling people weird. And crazy. Would stop ridiculing the beautiful differences between us. Stop trying to make people be something that they aren’t. Maybe if we didn’t, maybe something wouldn’t snap in these other souls and make them do things that I truly believe on some level inside they don’t want to.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there really isn’t anything we can do. But I’m not going to stop trying. I am going to keep smiling and loving people.



3 thoughts on “Where did we go Wrong?

  1. Daughter, you couldn’t of said it more beautifully with love and concern. I’m so very grateful for the elementary school that you attended, for you were given the opportunity at a very young age to see fellow human beings that came from all different walks of life, but more importantly from many cultures, religions and countries, which allowed you to just see them as a fellow human being and nothing else. So many people want to put labels on people and put them into categories, which is racism, and this is a taught not a genetic anomalies. People tend to think that it is their right to stand in judgement of everyone, but there is really only one who has that right and it is our saviour. Our Lord our saviour, made each any everyone of unique, but we are all God’s children and we must never loose sight of that, so reach out that hand to your fellow human being, not just in their hour of need, or when a terrible event occurs, but do this each and every day.


    1. Thank you, momma! It’s funny, I’ve told many people how lucky I felt growing up the way I did. In a true melting pot. It’s made me so sad watching the news. And they make it seem so cut and dry: us versus the crazy people. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who is truly sad for everyone, even the people who do the horrific acts. I look at them and feel myself saying, “where did we fail them?” Because I think inside each of us is the capacity for great things. Great wonderful and great horrific. And that maybe we should be more delicate in how we see and tolerate others. I simply refuse to believe that there is nothing we can do. Tragedy, yes, is inevitable. But has happened and continues to happen seems like something more. Something bigger. Something that we can all only be saved from if we all truly work as one.


      1. Yes, society has failed them very much. What concerns me is to see how politicians, those aspiring to become a politician, and the journalist that feel it is appropriate to berate, to show no true concern or passion, all for the glory of having their names in the limelight, for they too have not only given that 20 mins of fame to the individual(s), but more importantly they have just taught or instilled hate and bigotry. In till such time that everyone stops teaching hate and bigotry will the never ending cycle stop.


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