The Storied Page Podcast—Episode 1

My husband, Buddy, and I are lucky to share a passion for both reading and writing. We often sit at our dining room table, hot coffee in hand, while we talk about books we have read and others we are excited to read. And because we are both writers, inevitably, these talks end up venturing into the interwoven connection between reading and writing. This gave us an idea! Why not start a podcast where we share our thoughts about books and writing with you.

I am excited to introduce you to our new podcast, The Storied Page. Our initial plan is to record new episodes monthly. There may be instances when we both have read one or more of the books, but generally, it will be a friendly chat between two book lovers. A way for you to learn or be reminded of books you may want to read. And if you’re a writer, perhaps something about our chats will inspire you.

Episode 1 is now available. In this first episode, we introduce you to our new podcast and discuss some of the books we have recently read, including The Golden Spoon, This Bird Has Flown, The Housemaid, I Will Find You, and more!

Pull up a cuppa and connect with us on Amazon, Apple, and Spotify!

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