Save Me

I’m sinking in your aftermath
your anchors too tight to free
bits of me bubble to the surface
as I choke on what used to be

your shadow hangs above 
as you push down the floor below
I kick and dance in the water
matching the beat of death’s flow

there was a time we were happy
but that’s been washed away
leaving nothing but a shell of me
hoping I live to see another day

reaching deep into the darkness
looking for air to make me soar
but all I find is nothingness
my breath followed you out the door

I keep on falling deeper
a permanent fixture of the sea
my body limp and hopeless
wishing somebody would save me

— then —

looking past the darkness
your shadow is long gone
my body is now floating
transforming into a swan

my feet can feel the ground now 
it’s not as deep as I believed
your lies did not stick with me
I take a breath and feel relieved

it wasn’t you or another
that could pull me to the shore
my hero lived inside of me
an untamed lion, hear her roar

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