IMG_0898Lisa M. Gott is the author of the coming of age novel, A Thirty-Something Girl, and a literary collection, Contemplations. When she’s not weaving words, you’ll find her listening to the whispers of the wind, dancing in the rain, or curled up with a stack of books and a rich, intoxicating cup of coffee. Gott resides with her wonderful husband and their very weird cat.

Being a life-long book addict, Lisa spent most of her summers (and springs and falls and winters) curled up with a towering stack of books by her side. And not much has changed in adulthood; she still rather prefers the company of a good (or bad) character over that of most humans. As such, Lisa founded Characters & Coffee, a place for book reviews and random musings on movies, TV, coffee, and more.

Additionally, in 2016, Lisa co-founded Gott Publishing with her husband and best friend, Buddy Gott. Gott Publishing is a boutique publishing press featuring their artistic creations. Not concerned about quantity, but quality, Gott Publishing produces books which will transcend time.To learn more about new releases and how to read their books for free, visit their website.

When she’s properly caffeinated, Lisa works on her next project, her very first piece of non-fiction, Happy Balance, which will be released this year.